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We supply a wide range of portable, water-quality testing laboratories, which allow environmental monitoring to be carried out according to WHO guidelines. Our range covers both field and laboratory-based equipment in addition to bespoke test kits.

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Our Agronomy line contains details on the latest laboratory and field-based testing equipment. Mainly for use by experts involved in the cultivation and management of agricultural crops and plants. We regularly supply Research Centres, Higher Education Establishments, Training Centres, Laboratories and Specialist Consultancies.

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The environmental testing equipment we offer includes; digital meters for indicators such as pH, conductivity and turbidity. Products for BOD, COD and toxicity testing as well as instruments for collecting and analysing water, air, dust and noise. We can also provide automatic weather stations for meteorology monitoring.

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We offer a comprehensive range of over 40,000 products from educational teaching items through to high-end analytical instrumentation. Our selection of laboratory equipment has been made to fulfil your every requirement and meet every available budget.

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Whether you need early warning systems for flooding or cloud-based data monitoring and visualisation, our team of in-house experts are able to develop an effective solution for you.

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We have been manufacturing bespoke Mobile Laboratories for many years. Our customers are global and use them for a wide range of applications. Mobile labs are ideal in areas where a central, fixed laboratory site is either not available nor practical. A facility that can be driven or towed may be far more beneficial.

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As a global network of research, development, manufacturing, and distribution centres; we are able to offer a complete turnkey process for all of your analytical and monitoring requirements. Our regional offices and local agents will work with you to supply a bespoke solution and follow-up support as required.

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In order to support our products in remote locations, it is essential for us to be able to provide tailored training as needed. For small, informal sessions our local representatives will offer this service. Alternatively, for bespoke and complex projects or for larger groups, our UK-based consultants will travel to you.

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